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(waaaay out of date Ktk 04:04, 29 December 2006 (CET))

  • add button for projects
  • news automatisch
  • announce wiki, wiki link per project
  • Tabs
    • "Task" tab für momentane Jobs (ähnlich wie OpenSybil posting von Yuri)
    • admin can add his own tabs
    • Screenshots: title bigger, text smaller (CSS)
  • odin appdb, fix picture upload (grrrr....)
  • css rework
  • HTML rework (HTML 4.0/XHTML)
  • relaunch -> have fun with AxKit
  • VXRexx Page & newsgroup
  • fix Webalizer for OS/2, retest the statistic generator (Webalizer is damn slow on OS/2 for some reason
  • snippets: brauchbare Abfragen (neuer Virtual Table Typ bei MySQL, fragen TheSeer)
  • suchresultate auf mehreren seiten
  • alte news: browsen
  • user management
    • project admin: erstellbar durch superadmin, project admin
    • webadmin: erstellbar durch superadmin, project admin
  • FTP access for project admkins
  • small projects -> room for them
  • RSS export of news
  • newsserver
  • install OpenSSH
  • Add german law stuff for webpages:

<djmutix> ktk: <djmutix> ich hoffe ich hab da keine aktualisierung verpennt <djmutix> ktk: hat die notwendigen angaben <djmutix> ktk: es kommt aber auf die niederlassung des "anbieters" an. also gilt die regelung wohl nicht für dich.


  • RAID
  • Backup-Cleanup

New website:

RSS Feeds:

  • OS/2 & eCS events
  • os2news/ecsnews RSS feed -> ask Warp5

Generate Feeds for:

  • news per project
  • latest news aggregated

Project generation:

  • XML in projects.xml
  • entry in DB
  • mailinglists & archive at
  • SVN
  • TRAC & config


  • fix CVS backup problem: every backup is done twice that day, once at night, once during the day for some strange reason
  • there is no cleanup in several directories
  • install rsync and mirror to machine

Ideas for Jobs

OS/2 Books

  • Design of OS/2: AW agreed, Mike Kogan agreed, Deitel did not, retry
  • Object Oriented Interface Design, CUE - try to get in contact
  • book from Valery

Tips & Tricks


If you need to import an external sourcetree to CVS do it like this:


you *have* to switch to src/samba for the import. Will fuck up otherwise...

  1. cvs import src/samba SAMBA SAMBA_3-0-4
  2. do the join as cvs suggest at the end
  3. resolve all conflicts in that join and commit
  4. find all the files which was removed and do cvs remove -f on them



  • Added some stuff like CVS import and Book ideas (some time ago already).
  • Played with typo3 meanwhile, gona do first draft for soon.
  • got logo from Validat0r and e-co!


(not all today but so far, first entry :-)

  • checked RAID and set the status from disk two from "defunct" to "active". RAID did rebuild well, I hope the problems are fixed
  • Roderick installed the firewall, now the box should be more secure (thanks!)
  • checked the backups, see ToDo's
  • created this page and collected the ToDo's