Voyager API Roadmap

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Welcome to the Wiki Page containing a list of issues/todos for the Design of the Voyager API.

Please note:

  • This page is intended to be edited by the core team only!

Please see also the pages

Voyager Main Page

Design Issues/Todos

The following lists must be considered incomplete, although the issues/todos are already ordered as good as possible, to show what has to be done first

Todos Design/Coding

  • discuss API main parts
  • collect design ideas for parts of the API (add class trees to the Wiki)
  • identify and list dependencies between API main parts
  • determine which API part has to be implemented first (start with the basic parts to reduce dependencies)
  • implement prototypes and test drivers for API parts
    • start with basic API parts
    • work out concept for test drivers
  • add more

Todos Design Guide

The following topics are permanent and have to be performed as required or on a regular base: