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Current Situation and its Limitations

  • TCP/IP configuration is being done in multiple places
    • in TCP/IP config program for cabled NICs
    • Wireless LAN Monitor for wireless NICs
  • The status of cabled NICs cannot be monitored
  • More to add

Scope of Network Connection Manager

  • Handle multiple kind of network connections in its relation to each other
    • Example: link to same network via cabled or wireless NIC
  • Ease (and where applicable, unify) TCP/IP configuration for any kind of network interfaces
  • Support for starting and stopping applications/services when a given network connection is established or closed
  • Implementation for OS/2 and eComStation, intended to be prepared for Voyager
  • More to add

List of Requirements

This section enlists the abstract requirements with priorities from

  • (1) must have
  • (2) important
  • (3) nice to have

Where applicable, the priority can be applied to subitems of the list.

Hint: In this list, the requirements, if possible, should not be restricted to a certain type of implementation.


  • all types of network connections are to be covered, such as
    • (1) LAN
    • (1) Wireless (802.11...)
    • (1) Cellphone Wireless
    • (3) Modem
  • the configuration should be doable as well
    • (1) by a commandline interface
    • (1) by a REXX setup interface
    • (3) locally as well as remotely (watch out for security issues)
  • Support for more than one DHCP client
  • Preparation on changes in the current methods for configuration MPTS and/or TCP/IP
  • (?) add new requirement here

Ideas for Implementation

  • The User Interface uses xCenter Widgets to represent status information, a standalone version can be provided (like Wireless LAN Monitor does).
  • The configuration program/dialogs can be part of the widget or a separate executable (being launched by the widget)

Requirements for system/other components

  • In order to have the connection status of NICs be monitored, the NIC driver must comply to the NDIS Version 5. Currently only Genmac supported drivers (as being Win32 bit drivers) support this NDIS version.