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Basic setup

For new projects we provide Subversion repositories instead of CVS. To access those you need a subversion client:

There are also clients for Linux, BSD, Mac and Windows.

The OS/2 client seems to have a bug right now, you have to SET LANG=en_US to get it to work properly at the moment.

Simple checkout

After you install subversion, you can do a project checkout like this:

svn co --username <myuser>

Where projectname needs to be replaced by one of our projects of course :)

Working with trunks and branches


We will show more examples later, feel free to add more yourself :)

svn: Can't recode string

If you get this error, you might have to change the following variables:

export LC_CTYPE="de_CH.UTF-8"
export LANG="de_CH.UTF-8"

(use SET on OS/2 instead of export)

instead of de_CH you should choose the correct value for you, like en_US or so. Note that in general it's a bad idea to use umlauts, and similar characters, in filenames as this problem definitely has to do with such characters in filenames. TRAC

TRAC is very nice bugtracking software combined with much more, like a Wiki, a SVN Webinterface and so on. We will write more about TRAC soon. So far you can check the current repositories: