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This document is used to collect ideas what must be changed to start again with WarpVision development. This is by no means a complete document, so please help to finish it!

How to improve development

  • Create a standard test environment including potentially problematic video and audio files
    • files that don't play at all or crash WarpVision
    • files that need a long time to be scanned
    • files that exhibit video/audio sync problems
  • Create a document that describes in full detail what a tester has to do and how
    • There are various ways that WarpVision outputs usefull information, they have to be listed and explained
  • Record user and tester reports in an "experience database" so the developer(s) can relate changes to effects more easily--also at later points for previous versions
  • We need clear milestones
  • Have a test plan for every major release
    • This can only work if we have a number of testers for WarpVision
  • Standardize the build environment with the help of Christian Langanke
  • Make it easier for testers and users to find appropriate versions
    • Follow a strict version numbering scheme
    • Record changes, preferably in "non-developer speak"
  • Update the user documentation (INF file)

Suggestions for Milestones

  • Finish the playlist including:
    • reordering items in the playlist via drag and drop
    • removing selected items from the playlist by hitting the delete key
    • enable menu items of the playlist pop-up menu to be applied to several selected files (last, first, ...)
  • Implement DVD menus/subtitles
  • Fix the broken audio-playback in current SVN code.
  • Clean up the settings notebook which is currently too large and obfuscated
    • Move unrelated items to "subpages" or new tabs
      • Move "Show time info" and "Enable history" to Interface page 1 called "Interface"
      • Move subtitle and OSD settings to new Interface page 3 called "Display"
      • Rename Interface page 2 "Aspect ratio" to "Screen"
      • Move "Desktop color" from "System" tab to Interface page 3
      • Move "CD preread time" from "Other" group on "System" tab to "DVD/VCD" tab
      • "DVD/VCD" tab could be renamed to "Media"
  • Include instructions on how to checkout the freaking code! This should be also mentioned on the TRAC page
  • Integrate the stuff into MMPM/2 instead, as David O'Connor tried with Xine

How to raise money

  • from the os2world.com thread
    • Collect up front $5000 to $6000 by $20 per subscription for 1 year. This means 200 to 300 people must subscribe to this project. Make 5 milestones. Subscribers vote as to whether the milestone has been reached and the programmer is paid $1000 per milestone.