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WPSTK vs. xWPHelpers

This page is intended to discuss features of xwphelpers to be merged into WPSTK. It is also a place for dicussing shortcommings in XWPhelpers and how we could fix them.

xWPHelper functions not in WPSTK

  • Container Control helpers, I can't live without them !
  • Dialog Formater helpers, I takes a bit getting used to, but then they are really handy !

Note on dialog formatters: This approach is different to the one followed by some of the WPSTK APIs, as these use dialog templates (with all their advantages and disadvantages). Nevertheless counterparts using dynamically formatted dialogs should be doable, using a distinct funktion namespace/naming convention for these

xWPHelper implementation problems

  • NLS code is not using the locale when available I'm working on this
  • WPSTK until now only has some functions to automatically determine a help file or resource DLL using a three letter ISO639 language identifier. Christian told me this language code is derived from the installed OS/2 NLV. It's not using the locale on purpose, because you may have a german locale on an US OS/2 system.