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XWorkplace: Future plan

This page is intended to discuss future updates or additions to XWP.

  • Create a logoff feature, which basically does everything shutdown does, but afterwards exits the WPS, like with restart WPS, instead of shutting the machine down. This way you could return to a login dialog easily.
  • Finish the font dialog (use ft2lib ?)
  • Finish the file dialog, or better fix it, and implement it as discussed in: ideas#wps
  • Make XWP and WPSWizard/CWMM/ADC aware of each other. Please point out which problems arise when these packages are installed in parallel so we have point for starting discussion ;-).
  • Extend Program object by
    • allow for env variables to be set
      • in a page within the settings notebook
      • in a file *.env with the name of the executable
    • use strict libpath
  • add a cron/schedule folder. Only when a shadow of a program object is dragged into it once or more often (nothing else than shadows allowed in this folder)
    • the settings notebook then contains a notebook page 'schedule' or alike, containing the time settings
    • the context menu contains an item to activate the schedule item or to disable it
    • the icon shows an added bitmap (just like shadow objects) to indicate an active or inactive schedule)
  • Add the possibility to save the application settings once. So you can do your setup like you want it, you logoff once and it will be saved but it won't save it each time you logoff.
  • Compile against GCC

XWorkplace: Ideas

As soon as the developers of XWP agree with any of these ideas the topic should be moved up to the plan section.

  • Review the trashcan. It was never usable for me. Constant WPS lockups (Cinc)
  • Wrap the XWP file dialog into an object so it's usable using RWS until it's integrated globally into the system.
  • Add a function to set the standard browser. This is a common problem for quite some people.
  • Set a ctrl+alt+backspace key to hard reset the wps. Hard Reset without any questions.(Like *nix)
  • In Gnome you can attach so-called "emblems" to icons, as a remind for something (see http://xtracker.netlabs.org/index.php?binary=137 and http://xtracker.netlabs.org/index.php?binary=138 for two samples). Maybe these "emblems" could be added to icons of DataFile objects with a mechanism similar the one used for the "Mark shadow icons" function? We could have a menu item to select the "emblem" to attach to the file.
  • Since there are complains that everybody wants to include features into XWorkplace, and it increase the Xworkplace development complexity. Why don't create separate "XWorkplace Friendly Components" like plugins.


  • XCenter Transparency: Allow Transparency Button and a transparency percentage field (%)
  • XCenter tasklist widget menu: rearrange menu items so that the close/kill items are at the bottom better reachable)
  • XCenter tray object menu: add 'locate' item of shadow objects, in order to quickly find the folder of the original item
  • Allow xcenter to be also included as a bar on WPS desktop windows. The idea will be to have xCenter widgets on the desktop windows like the common Windows bars like MSN Search bar, or other. It will be nice to have the Weather widgets on all the OS/2-eCS desktop windows.