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The workshop logo was created by Esther Eberwijn

Netlabs Developers Workshop 2007 July 7 & 8 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This page is dedicated to the OS/2, eComStation and Voyager Developers Workshop 2007!


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Like the years before, the workshop will be a great mix of information exchange between developers and translators from all over the world. They can be present on location or online. It is cool to meet developers in real life to match faces to nicknames! This makes working online later easier and more fun as well.

Both days will have six sessions of 45 minutes each. Starting at 9:30 AM and ending at 17:00/16:00 PM.
We are currently talking to various developers to get the sessions filled with high quality content.
So keep this page monitored to have the latest information! The final schedule will be posted soon.
If you have not been contacted yet while you have an interesting subject to present about, then please contact us via mail at:


Currently we have the following topics arranged already:

  • Introduction to NOM (Netlabs Object Model)
    • Chris Wohlgemuth
    • NOM is the object model developed for the Voyager project but may be used for any kind of apps. It's lightweight with C syntax, binary compatibility over releases and a free license. The presentation shows the architecture and gives examples of how and why to use NOM in application development.
      • Why using NOM?
      • NOM compared to SOM
        • Garbage collection
        • Object pointer verification
        • ...
      • Current development status
      • Programming example
      • Future plans and contributions
  • Utilizing Multi-Core processors
    • Keith Merrington
    • A summary of how to use multiple threads in PM programs, with the emphasis on utilizing Object Windows. Also covered is synchronisation, semaphores, deadlocks and the SMP specific API's.
  • The Voyager Project - Where are we now?
    • Adrian Gschwend,
    • There is significant progress in the development of The Voyager Project, mainly done by some of its (so far few) core members. In this presentation we will give an overview about the status and show where we plan to go in the next months. We will hopefully encourage some new people to contribute to the project.
  • A freely programmable USB-interface for eCS - Focussing on the DLP-USB245M
    • Uwe Hinz, OS/2 User Group Dresden
    • The presentation shows a possible way to overcome the barrier of missing USB-Drivers for eCS. Instead of programming one particular driver for a particular USB device, it will be explained how the already existing driver 'usbecd.sys' by Wim Brul can do the job easily. Together with the famous USB-Interface Modul DLB-USB245M and a Microcontroller (MCU) the presentation will show how to build USB devices for eCS that can do digital I/O, analog I/O and a number of tasks in the world of Data Acquisition and Control (DAC). Two working examples written in VXREXX will be presented and some details about the USB protocol will be mentioned as well.
  • How to create popular software products for eComStation
    • Eugene Gorbunoff, eCo Software
      • 100 tricks and tips
      • How to select a project
      • What do users need
      • How to organize work
      • How to collaborate with other developers
      • How to survive on eCS market
  • eComStation User Interface
    • Eugene Gorbunoff, eCo Software
      • Advantages and disadvantages
      • New control elements, libraries and templates
      • The future of eComStation UI
  • Managing program resources
    • Christian Langanke
    • Christian Langanke introduces a design idea for Voyager that intends to automate the handling of program resources. For that the concept of Content Negotiation is adapted to the scenario of conventional pogramming. A new API would select between any type and variant of resources, such as standard types (like language) and application defined types, while offering flexibility to integrate any resource file format.
  • Brief introduction to a perspective OS design
    • Yuri Proniakin, eCo Software
    • Goals or "Game over"
    • Overview of existed traditional and microkernel (K42 and L4-based) designs
    • Perversion
    • Overview of proposed design
    • OS/2-compatibility - problems and solutions
  • VirtualBox
    • Adrian Gschwend,
    • The talk will present a technical overview how VirtualBox works internally and compares to other virtualization solutions. Also we will present the current state of the OS/2 and eCS port of VirtualBox.
  • Developing GUI applications using Qt
    • Dmitry Kuminov
    • The presentation will give some basics of using the Qt Toolkit version 3 on OS/2 or eComStation to create modern and powerful user interfaces quickly and easily. It will include the review of the current Qt features available on OS/2, how to setup the build environment, how to write a simple UI, and some thoughts about the future.
  • XML from REXX
    • Christian Langanke
    • How to use and deal with XML from REXX.


09:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:15 Welcome session
10:30-11:15 Utilizing Multi-Core processors
11:30-12:15 XML from REXX
12:15-14:00 Lunch
14:15-15:45 Managing program resources (2 slots)
16:00-16:45 Introduction to NOM
17:00-17:45 eComStation User Interface
09:45-10:30 A freely programmable USB-interface for eCS - Focussing on the DLP-USB245M
10:45-11:30 How to create popular software products for eComStation
11:45-12:30 VirtualBox
12:45-14:00 Lunch
14:15-15:00 Developing GUI applications using Qt
15:15-16:00 Brief introduction to a perspective OS design
16:15-17:00 The Voyager Project - Where are we now?
17:00-17:15 Closing session

Live Stream of Presentations

We will stream the presentations via an ogg stream! You can listen to that stream on eCS as well:

  • The straight forward method is to use the Audio-Stream object class in eCS 1.2, it's in the Multimedia Templates subfolders of the Templates folder. Simply drag the object to your desktop and add the URL to it. To start playing simply doubleclick on it.
  • If that doesn't work you either don't have Ogg Codecs installed or you have an old version of them. In this case the simplest solution is to get the Ogg Vorbis package of Brian Havard and use ogg123 to play it: ogg123 (in a commandline window).
  • Note that Z! doesn't want to play Ogg streams for some reason on my system, maybe it works on yours.
  • Russell O’Connor has some details as well about streaming on OS/2.
  • There is also a playlist available here.

The first presentation starts at 10:00 Dutch time, which is GMT+1. If you need to know your local timezone you can check that here:

Note that during the breaks we will most probably play some music so you will hear anything anyway :) Note that there might be some noise on the stream, because of the line in of the laptop used for digitizing, although we are using another setup this time then last year.

The webcam can be found here. It will automatically reload the picture so don't click reload please, that just kills the webserver :)

You can also ask questions live during the presentations if you join the IRC channel #netlabs on eCS Network, see the following URL for a list of servers:

We will have userids with DWS in the name where you can ask your questions.

Download Presentations



This event is a great gathering and is being organized for the third time now by volunteers. We try to keep costs as low as possible, but we can't make it for free, unless you are a student!

To make registration and payments easy and flexible you can use the Mensys system for this.
Please register and pay up front, even if you are a student, so we don't have to deal with cash money and credit cards on location. Thereby preparing badges before the event starts already and making things go smoothly.

The following options are available:

  • Developers Workshop 2007, Saturday and Sunday: 45 Euro
  • Developers Workshop 2007, one day: 25 Euro
  • Developers Workshop 2007, students: Free


Each day a very complete lunch buffet (cold and warm) will be provided near the location (50 meters). This will cost 14,- Euro per meal (without beverages, for which the bar will be opened), to be paid at the location.

Saturday July 7
- Tomato soup
- Turkish bread
- Various 'health' sandwiches
- Chicken gyros
- 'Bratwurst' with sauerkraut and mustard
- Colored rice
- Deep fried new potatoes
- Raw vegetables with smoked chicken, feta cheese and olives on the side
- Hot vegetables
- Various beverages

Sunday July 8
- Curry soup
- French bread
- Various 'health' sandwiches
- Spanish meatballs
- Chipolata sausages
- Scrambled eggs with fried bacon
- Yellow rice
- Deep fried new potatoes
- Raw vegetables with smoked chicken, feta cheese and olives on the side
- Hot vegetables
- Yoghurt and fresh fruit salad
- Various beverages


After Dresden (Germany) and Biel (Swiss), this years edition will be held in the beautiful and famous city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.
As this city has many great things to offer, besides this workshop of course, if might be wise to extend your visit with some extra days! Then you can explore the many gems that can be found in this city. Take a look at the Tourist Information site to fill your agenda.

The event location will be: Cultural center Griffioen of the VU Amsterdam. This university is also the seat of Dr. Andrew S. Tanenbaum.

It is located on the border of Amsterdam and Amstelveen, but it is very easy to reach from the city center!
Here is some more information on the location itself, but it is in Dutch only: Location information


For using power you might need plug convertors to be able to use the power outlets. Here you can find the correct ones for the Netherlands, the Type F ones are most common. Power Outlet overview


As Amsterdam is still a tourist magnet it is wise to arrange your ho(s)tel early!
The same accounts for cheap flights, which are available from many international airports.

Cheap but good

For a cheap, but good quality, hostel look at:
StayOkay (about 7 km from location)

This one is located on the edge of the city center, and close to the stops of tram line 5.
Not practical when you come by car!

Handy hotel

If you travel by car, the following hotel might be of interest:

Other ho(s)tels

If you are looking for other hotels or hostels, try to find one close to tram line 5 or 51 as that makes traveling to the location very easy! And cheap, as most hotels might have free/cheap parking.

Note: When looking for hotels in Amsterdam, We came across two hotels that are located close to the station Amsterdam - Zuid. We have no further information about the hotels, but we thought they should be listed here:

Getting there

There are many ways that lead to Amsterdam:

By train

The event location is close to station 'Amsterdam - Zuid'. If you travel with an international train you need to transfer at 'Amsterdam - Duivendrecht'. Otherwise it might be easier to go to 'Amsterdam - Centraal' and take one of two direct trams from there (line 5 and 51).
More information about train connections can be found at the Nederlandse Spoorwegen site.

By plane

There is an enormous amount of airlines flying to 'Amsterdam International Airport Schiphol'. So it should be possible to get there at reasonable prices, so book your tickets early! The airport is one stop away by train ('Amsterdam - Zuid'). Be sure NOT to travel into the direction of 'Amsterdam - Centraal'
More information about arriving by plane can be found at the Schiphol site.

By car

Although there is plenty of free parking space near the event, be aware that parking is expensive and that there are high fines on not paying if you stay in the city of Amsterdam !!.
From all directions: travel to 'Ring A10' and take exit 'VU Hospital'. More precise directions will follow soon.

In case you have a navigation system, here is the full address of the site:
Cultuurcentrum Griffioen
Uilenstede 106
1183 AM Amstelveen
Phone: (31)-(0)20-5985100

If you come by car, it might be handy to know about some planned roadwork!
In the period of July 6 till 9 heavy roadwork is planned close to Eindhoven. This will have impact (more than 30 minutes) for driving both ways on the A2 in the southern part of the Netherlands! Cross the German border via the A12 to Arnheim.
The same accounts for Den Bosch, which is a bit more north, but still on the A2. Expected delay of more then 10 minutes.
Also roadwork is expected on the A9, south of Amsterdam. Expected delays of more then 10 minutes again.
And finally, the same accounts for the A6, which is from Amsterdam North in the direction of Almere. Expected delays of more then 10 minutes as well.


This years Developers Workshop can be considered a succes again!
Good quality presentations and a lot of people attending.
Let us see where they are coming from:

Country Saturday Sunday
Czech Republic 1 1
Germany 10 11
Italy 1 1
Netherlands 11 10
Russia 1 1
Switzerland 1 1
Ukraine 1 1
United Kingdom 1 1
USA 1 1
Total 28 28

But the amount of visitors is even a bit higher (about 34) as some people could only attend one day.


This Developer Workshop was brought to you by:
- Bart van Leeuwen
- Robert Henschell
- Adrian Gschwend
- Jacques van Leeuwen
- Gerrit Schoenmaker
- Esther Eberwijn
- Joachim Benjamins
- Jan van der Heide
- Mensys
- and all presenters of course!

Thanks for coming!

We hope you all had a great time in Amsterdam and the Netherlands!
And now know faces to the nicknames online.
If you missed this one, the 2008 event is in the planning already :-)

Developer Workshop Team

This page is under construction. If you are looking for information which is not listed yet or have information that might be of interest to others then please mail us at: