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Welcome to the Wiki at You will find a lot of interesting information about OS/2 and eCS on this page.
You can take part in the community as follows

CONTRIBUTE: You can write to this wiki with a user ID, to get that visit


Where are we now and where could we go. Open for discussions.

  • Ideas - This is so far a random collection of ideas and stuff we have in our heads and which probably is worth creating a project for.
  • Community - Discussions about the community, website, and so on. Complain here :)
  • Voyager - See some discussion on the new eComStation platform that the developers community currently designs
  • Warpstock Europe Websites - Discussion of a concept that aims to provide infrastructure and information to organizers, and information and services to users/visitors.
  • Odin - ODIN Project todo and Ideas
  • eSchemes - eComStation WPS-based look & feel system
  • Mr2ice - MR/2 ICE is a full featured OS/2 native mail and news client.


netlabs watch

We do have a shop for shirts and more ...! Prices include a small extra to support's future...

New Logo and Redesign

  • Redesign - The new logo is choosen and a first and hopefully final draft for the new site layout has been created - check it out ;)


NOTE: This section should not be extended anymore. We reloaded the EDM/2 magazine and we recommend to put all developer stuff in there. This wiki is a mess at the moment and we will clean that up one day and migrate the stuff that makes sense to EDM/2. Thanks!

This section contains hints and tricks and descriptions of undocumented stuff. Undocumented means there's no official documentation or the documentation (for example included on DevCon CDs) isn't available to the public anymore. But DON'T JUST COPY any documentation you may have into the Wiki. Keep in mind it's copyrighted!

  • Undocumented stuff
  • Mozilla - some stuff regarding building Mozilla on OS/2
  • SDL - some tips & tricks about how to port applications using SDL to OS/2
  • WPS - how to program for the WPS. Note: the german Wikipedia may have more information about the WPS. Go here.

OS/2 and eCS resources



For software have a look here:


How to use specific programs, HowTos, FAQs etc.

MR/2 ICE mr2ice is a full featured OS/2 native mail and news client.

eCS Maintainance

Quite a few things are different in eComStation compared to OS/2. Find tips and tricks for common (and not so common) tasks. Servers

ToDos & History

This is the list of tasks for Webservers and the history of what I (ktk) did

Mail account

Some information for those who own a mailbox at

Admin Guide

So far it's more or less just me who does all the work on webpages and this somewhat sucks because like this a lot of stuff depends on my lazyness. The following document explains the tasks necessary to create a new project at, including setting up CVS repositories, creating webpages and so on. I hope that I will find some volunteers one day who help me on doing that.