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If someone could start with a description & Howto about Odin I would be grateful :)

Great idea, but let's wonder what such a manual would cover? Installation, some issues like INI ODIN files (system.ini and win.ini iirc), installation problems? I admit I use ODIN just to view some video files with WVgui, so I'm not really up-to-date with ODIN's world. I used some Win32 applications with it and they worked really great - so well that I added them to the app database.

So, what an ODIN manual should explain? I could contribute to it, provided some spare time :-)


  • MysqlQuerybrowser crashes at some selections.
  • FlashFXP 3.02 or higher crashes after connect.

> Seems solved with 20050327-xp build
  • Irfanview makes more trouble after ????
  • Agent 2,.0 crashes after selecting group->default Properties->Posting->Messages

> Seems solved with 20050327-xp build

Programs with sound (e.g. RealPlayer 8) does not play via soundcard.

Mailing List

The Odin Users mailing list is now [1].

The Yahoo groups mailing list has been closed to new postings, but the message archives and file archives are open for browsing and downloads.

Building Odin

If you want to build Odin, you want to read BuildingOdin.

Windows Application Notes

This section contains hints and tips on running apps under Odin.

Real Player

Downloading the binary

Current recommendation is Real Player 8. It can be found at: Real Legacy Software Archive.

Install tips

When Installing Real Player 8, you should run via the pe.exe command.

Settings tips

After installing Real Player, open up the setting dialog and turn off the following features

  • TBD

Common problems and workarounds

  • Crystal Sound cards


Debugging Real Player problems under Odin is no different than any other app. You are probably going to have to install a debug build and work with someone that can interpret the resulting large log files.

On Rainlendar:

I tried this one out. Hopes are not very good for making this calendar function properly under ODIN, any build. Using 20050306 debug, you first have to acquire from Win2k or WinXP, files msvcp60.dll oleacc.dll and oleaccrc.dll but even with these you will still get alot of N-E-A rc 127 failures as can be seen in the odin32_0.log. This Rainlendar package relies on too many Windows functions that ODIN has not been coded for. But anyway, I got it to come up to a point. After replying IGNORE to the Non-Existing-API error: oleacc.dll -> Hwnd-UserSize (loaded by OLE32.DLL) the calendar appears in the upper left corner of your desktop in the form of a 2 inch square BLACK block. At the same time the Rainlendar icon appears in the systray. If you click on this systray icon, the configuration panels will cleanly display and you can 'play' with the various settings. If you click on 'quit' the program will cleanly exit. The problem with the Black Block situation, I feel, stems from the program's use of a Windows transparency function which the program is trying to cutely use to place the calendar alpha\numerics onto the desktop. Try as I may, I could not find a way to make the wanted data appear in the Black Block area. So, I finally gave up. But, I installed in on WinXP and it looks kinda kool.


Multimedia Plugins in Firefox

There is an extension for Firefox called MediaPlayerConnectivity http://membres.lycos.fr/sethnakht/index.php https://addons.update.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?application=firefox&version=1.0&os=MacOSX&category=Entertainment&numpg=10&id=446

MediaPlayerConnectivity 0.3.1

Allow you to launch embed video/audio/radio of website in an external player with a simple click !

Functionalities :

  • Replace the stream by a simple button (see sample above)
  • Works with RealMedia, QuickTime et WindowsMedia streams
  • Allow the use of any capable media player
  • Support Media Metafiles (ram, rpm, wmv, wm, wma, asx, asf, ...)
  • Activable per media format
  • Support PLAYLIST (MP3)
  • AutoPlay feature : automaticatlly start to play the first media
  • Access, if available, to Media Metafiles for embed media (see + icon in screenshot)
  • Contextual menu
  • Quiet mode (Don't replace the media, only access via contextual menu)
  • Configuration wizard
  • SmartPlay : automatically search and choose the best source using metafile ('+' icon) if exist

This allows configuring what external app to use. Warpvision is simple enough, just point to video.exe. Realplayer can be used too (via Odin) but requires a wrapper script that cannot exist in a directory with spaces. I placed realplay.cmd in the root of my drive but as long as there are no spaces in the directory it should work. If you have a script that initializes Odin (path, libpath, etc.) then place it in there or if it is not set in your config.sys you will need to set these in here: call odin.cmd or path=%path%;e:\odin\system32 set beginlibpath=%BEGINLIBPATH%;e:\odin\system32 then e:\odin\system32\pe.exe "e:\program files\real\realplayer\realplay.exe" %1

Correcting for path as necessary. Andy

General Win32 Plugin


Instead of writing an dedicated plugin for lets say Flash an generic Plugin should be written.


A generic Win32 wrapper plugin already exists. IMHO we should put focus on this one, instead of reinventing the wheel.

The generic plugin can be found at http://www.os2site.com/sw/internet/browser/plugins/NpWrap-PR1_.zip

The code is by Yuri Dario, and is NOT freeware. It stopped working on 2004/10/31 (intentional limitation).

In the "readme", Yuri writes:

"If you like to see more developement and bug fixing, consider donating some money. Please check http://www.os2power.com/yuri for details."



It would provide a config Dialog/Application to add Win32Plugins which it should provide. The general Information about an plugin f.i. which MIME Types, file extensions it support is stored in the Resources of an Win32 or OS/2 DLL.
So the plugin of configuration application would need to patch the info from the real win32dll into the wrapper dll and write the name and mime type of the DLL into an config file in the plugins dir.
Mozilla/Firefox would then find an DLL which Supports Java (application/x-java-applet) and lets say Flash (application/x-shockwave-flash).
The wrapper DLL will load the win32DLLs listed in the config file when the init function is called and call their init function. Whenever a plugin instance is needed the mimetype is passed to creation function based on the mimetype stored in the config file it can forward the call to the correct dll. The returned instance can later be used to route/forward the other function calls to the correct win32 DLL.