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Mailing lists for projects provides some mailing lists for its projects. Usually the name is projectname-dev and projectname-user. As you can imagine, the -dev list is ment for developers and the -user list for users of the project itself. Please respect that separation and do not post user questions in the developer list!

  • To post a message to the list, send an email to <listname>
  • To subscribe, email: <listname>
  • To unsubscribe, email: <listname>
  • For additional commands, email: <listname>

We also provide digest lists:

  • To subscribe to the digest, email: <listname>
  • To unsubscribe from the digest, email: <listname>

Replace <listname> for example with xworkplace-dev in the items above. community

If you want to join the community mailing list, send an email to The subject and the body of the email can be empty. You will almost immediately receive an email to confirm your subscription request. To finally subscribe, you need to reply to the confirmation email! If you forget to do that, you will not be subscribed to the list!

The website for the community mailing list is:

This points directly to the messages: Newsgroup interface & web archive

To make sure that everyone can access the mailing lists easily we also provide a newsgroup interface at where you can read and post messages to the lists. is an excellent service that provides a newsgroup interface for subscribed mailing lists. Also it acts as an archive for the list and they provide a very simple to use web interface where you can also post messages if you wish.

All mailing lists at are subscribed in our own netlabs hierarchy:

You can either read them with your preferred newsreader or via the web interface. The news server is news://

You can also post to the lists without a subscription to the list itself! The first time you post a message via news you will get a confirmation email, so it is necessary that you provide a valid email address in your news settings. Once you confirmed that email you will be able to post messages to the list without a real subscription to the mailing list itself. Note that you have to provide a valid email address in your newsreader for sure, otherwise it will not work.


Note: For new groups, currently chooses the endings .general (if no developer groups exists), otherwise .user or .devel and sometimes .cvs. Therefore you have to use -dev for the mailing lists and .devel for newer groups.