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(previous version)

Comments welcome ;)


Okay, updated version. The Header is smaller, the background color is ligther and thus the main text color changed to black for readability
For the "flattness" of the menu - we'll see what looks good.. I'm not too convinced an actual dropshadow will fit into the layout...

@hugh: The gfx stuff has nothing to do with textual content for textbased browsers. It'll be xhtml/css code later and thus should be viewable with any somewhat standard compliant browser ( e.g. IE might not display a thing <just kidding> )


Looks rather good to me. The old design seems old fashioned when compared. Colors are nice.
But it appears kind of 'flat' to me. The top part with the background pic is ok but the rest looks like it's mot yet finished. Maybe a small  
soft shadow around the sections to spice them up?


12:31> <hughwork_> ktk as for the design I miss some visual barrier around the content
ktk> yes gave that feedback as well already
ktk> probably another color for the background
ktk> also the contrast is not that good
12:31> <hughwork_> yeah
12:33> <hughwork_> well maybe that could be resolved providing other css
12:34> <hughwork_> and I hope it's usable with a text browser
ktk> should work actually
12:34> <hughwork_> i.e. barrier free


Only thing not clear for me its why to have two menu system? It brings problem to navigation...