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22. November - 28. November

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15. November - 21. November

Guidelines for mail gathering and bi-weekly processing

This is intended to be a procedure on how to create the bi-weekly newsletter, so that multiple people are able to do it, in case others are away.

The news is gathered on a weekly basis. Sources for news are various. We know the following:

There is a mail id on netlabs for mailing out the newsletter to various contacts. The mail id is: news at netlabs dot org It uses the following IMAP mailserver: mail dot netlabs dot org

For the start of a new newsletter a copy from the previous one can be made and then copy the new news into it, to make life easy :-) (you can also use the template with empty descriptions).

The easiest way to get the text is grabbing it from the webpage in normal view mode. Check the text a second time, and align it a bit. Address it with BCC to the following addresses:

  • martin at os2world dot com
  • martiniturbide at gmail dot com
  • submit at os2voice dot org
  • webmaster at ecomstation dot com
  • webredactie at os2-gg dot nl
  • ktk at netlabs dot org
  • MacOSJan at xs4all dot nl
  • os2info at gmx dot net
  • Michael at oehlhof dot de

Don't forget the subject line with the next number and of it goes.

After the newsletter is sent the 'Netlabs bi-weekly newsletter' webpage has to be updated. ( Just copy the news on top of the others and add a heading.

Then the draft version of the bi-weekly page can be emptied and the heading for the next week can be added.

That is basicly the process of the bi-weekly newsletter.

Besides the above, a weekly version is published on the new BLOG site ( All what has to be done is create a new entry, type in 'News:' with the period behind it. Grab the content from this newsletter page in presentation mode and past it in the body of the new entry. Check the ' news' option, on the right, and press Publish.